We judge our success on the success of our clients.

Clients include:

BAI Communications
Town Planning

Superloop (BigAir)
Design Services
Town Planning

Property Acquisition
Town Planning

Ericsson Australia
Project and Site Acquisition Management

Telstra Corporation
Project Management Services

Hutchison Telecommunications (Australia) Limited
CDMA 1X Site Deployment
2G ‘Orange’ Transmission Separation sub-Project
2G Network Site Termination / Decommissioning Project

Design Services
Property Acquisition
RF Compliance Management
Town Planning

Singtel Optus
Environmental Planning Services
Site Design Services
Property and Leasing Negotiation

Hutchison 3G Australia Pty Ltd
WCDMA 2100MHz 3G Network Deployment
Design & Construction Management
Product Service Centres
Retail Store Property and Lease Management

TPG Telecom
Structural, Electrical & Civil Design Services
Town Planning

Visionstream Pty Ltd
Project Personnel Recruitment/Selection

Vividwireless & Unwired
National Project Management Services
Civil Site and Transmission Design
Facility Re-arrangement & Decommissioning Services
Property Acquisition
Town Planning

Town Planning
Construction and Installation Services
Transmission Link Installation

Project Management Services
Town Planning

Testimonials and referrals from current and previous project clients are available on request.