Team Culture & Values

Our success is measured by the success of our clients, and to achieve this we must have a strong team who enjoy working together.

We take pride in delivering great results with the utmost professionalism, but we also have fun along the way. Mutual trust and respect is expected and we celebrate the cultural diversity of our team. Yes we work hard, and we also pause to celebrate our efforts and results through Friday drinks, BBQs, sporting groups and other social activities.

There are many people who have the skills and experience to work in our industry, but to be part of the Catalyst family you must also embrace our values and ways of working. Our values, known as RISE, are an integral part of working at Catalyst. They highlight where our focus is and are the basis of how we make all our most important decisions.

Relationships We build strong, enduring relationships with our Clients based on trust, respect and professionalism. We are emotionally aware of our impact on others, working effectively and collaboratively with others. The quality of our relationships is the foundation for Catalyst’s competitive advantage and growth.
Integrity We do the right thing, regardless of who is looking or if anyone will notice.
Service We maintain a strong client centric focus every day. We provide a level of service that will enable our Clients to achieve their Mission, whatever that may be.
Excellence We strive towards excellence in all that we do. We come to the table with proposed solutions, not problems for other people to solve. We go beyond what is asked, to what is needed, ensuring no detail in the execution of our deliverables is overlooked.