Property Services

Commercially focussed with attention to detail, negotiating and delivering the best outcomes for our Clients.
> Greenfield Site identification and acquisition
> Commercial Negotiation
> Lease Portfolio Management
> Pro-active Portfolio Management
> Portfolio Administration
> Full Scope of Non-Residential Property Services
> Legal services

Experience and Flexibility

Catalyst provides experienced property professionals and leasing portfolio managers.

Property management projects undertaken have ranged from simple single lease renewals to complex projects involving the assignment and novation of many hundreds of leases under national portfolios.

We are experienced in re-establishing and successfully concluding difficult negotiations, even those that may have been abandoned by the original property consultant.

The property team is supported by the project management team to ensure that complex property projects have efficient communications, streamlined processes, and effective reporting. This ensures that projects are delivered in a timely and professional manner.

Our people will bring to your project a wealth of experience in commercial property negotiation as well as portfolio management, administration and termination.