Transmission Design

Broad spectrum of experience across wired, unwired and hybrid technology transmission solutions.
> Wideband Design
> Trunk Fibre Deployment and Splicing Design
> Point to Point Wireless Backhaul Design

Broad Spectrum of Experience

Catalyst can provide holistic services to support a diverse range of transmission design solutions.

At the front end of the process, we are able to provide clients with field survey and feasibility reporting including detailed viability assessment covering legacy network, infrastructure, regulatory, town planning, capex and property related design input variables.

We provide detailed link budgets across various wireless technology options and provide clear, carefully staged work packages (instructions) to be implemented by appropriately trained technical transmission rigging teams.

Our team is able to support fibre and wideband deployment project design, provide high level and detailed design outputs in a variety of softcopy formats as client needs and project delivery acceptance requirements dictate.